Virtual or In person Summer Art Camps

Art camps provide age appropriate, fun and art enriching activities for children. Camp projects will use a variety of art materials, explore different cultures and encourage creativity in children.

Explore a different theme every week!

 ONLINE Drawing & Painting Camps

New projects for returning students


AGES​ 6 & Up

In this camp the children will learn many different painting techniques, color mixing and application. Children will have opportunity to create a series of paintings in different media. They will learn about the basics of drawing/sketching/pencil shading. At the end of the camp the student will bring home a canvas painting.


June 8—12th: "Watercolor Drawing and Painting Camp"

Jun 14 to 18: "Animal Drawing and Painting Camp


Jun 21 to Jun 25: Cartoon Drawing and Painting Camp

Jul 5 to Jul 9: Indian Folk Art

Jul 12 to Jul 16: Pencil Sketching Object Drawing

Jul 19 to Jul 23: Botanical Drawing and Painting Camp

July 26 to Jul 30:  Acrylic Landscape Painting Camp 

Aug 2 to Aug 6: Food Illustrations Drawing and Painting Camp

Aug 9 to Aug 13: Around the World Drawing and Painting Camp

Aug 16 to Aug 20:Portrait Drawing( Ages 11 plus)

Claywork Camps

New projects for returning students


Ages​ 6 & Up

In this camp the students will learn about traditional clay working techniques including coiling, sculpting, slab building and free form modeling. They will work with different types of clay and complete a variety of fun projects such as making animals, people, things etc while developing artistic confidence.

Indian Folk Art Camps

New projects for returning students


Ages​ 6 & Up

Indian heritage and culture is well embedded in their crafts and in folk. Indian folk and craft is full of variation in terms of themes, forms, and styles. Kids will paint different Indian folk arts such as Warli, Madhubani, Gond, Lippan, Pattachitra, Phad and more. They will learn about each art, it’s origin and meaning.

"Around the world" art camps

New projects for returning students


Ages​ 6 & Up

In this five day camp the children will be exposed to drawing, painting, assemblage and claywork with a focus on world art. Kids will create traditional paintings and arts and crafts items from around the world while working with a variety of craft materials. Projects vary week by week.


Cost per camp: $225


Timing: 10am to 12.30pm

IN PERSON ART CAMP (Contact for registration)

Cost  per Student: $275 (partial supplies included)

Timing: 10 to 12.30pm


Please email us one week before the scheduled date. You may call but you still need to email as the official notice.